At Dermatology Specialist of San Antonio, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

  • "Dr. Owens is efficient, kind, and very detailed oriented. Her demeanor allows me to process the difficult news about my skin situations (melanoma). I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!"
    Anne G.
  • "Dr. Owens provides excellent care! She is the most effective, efficient and thorough physician I have ever had. I have complete confidence in her skills, knowledge and abilities. Her billing has proved more than reasonable to me and in fact, I once received a refund for an overcharge! She and her staff are always friendly and cheerful and she always takes the time to explain everything and to answer questions. Dr. Owens is simply the best physician I have had in 50 years."
    James E. K.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr Owens for several years. She is very professional , knowledgeable and has a naturally lovely personality. I enjoy all my visits with her. She takes the time to explain any conditions I may have and discuss all treatment options available to me. I feel Dr. Owens is one of the few physicians around who is caring and strives to give all her patients the best care."
  • "Our family loves Dr. Owens and her practice. She and her staff are terrific. I currently recommend Dr. Owens to everyone who needs a first-rate dermatologist!"
  • "Have used Dr. Owens for a number of years. She is professional, friendly, concerned, and conservative. If she notices a possible problem, she will not wait and watch but take action immediately. This attribute saved my life. I would definitely recommend Dr. Owens as a dermatologist."
  • "Dr. Owens is like the doctors I believe were around when my parents were young. She walked me through two years of on and off actinic keratosis and NMSCC treatments and, while I respected her time and came prepared to our appointments, displayed unbridled patience with me. I have a lot of respect for Dr. Owens and anybody would be lucky to know her and have her in their corner."
    Kim J.
  • "Dr. Owens was awesome. She never made me feel embarrassed. She explained everything so I could understand."
    Rosemarie L.
  • "Over the years I have played golf and been active outside, there has occasionally been a scare regarding potential skin cancers. Each time I have come to Dr. Owens for help, she has been very responsive and informative. She has also always been reassuring about what could be done. Thus far, I have been fortunate to receive positive diagnoses - no cancer. In large part, I credit Dr. Owens for the preemptive measures she espouses. She is helping keep me cancer free."
    T Gates W.
  • "Dr. Owens and her staff have always been very helpful and knowledgeable. The front desk staff are friendly and polite. I would surely recommend her office."
  • "My husband and I are both patients of Dr. Owens. We find her to be very professional, pleasant, thorough, and knowledgeable. She has treated my husband successfully for skin cancer and we both see her for annual check-ups. We highly recommend Dr. Owens."
    Rebecca & Richard
  • "She is absolutely one of the most caring doctors I have met in a very long time."
  • "My husband and I both go to Dr. Owens and find her very pleasant, professional, thorough, and knowledgeable. She has treated my husband for skin cancer and we go annually for check-ups. We've been very pleased with her level of care."
    Rebecca W.
  • "Both times I have been there or my care Dr. Nicole Owns is completely professional and very knowledgeable about everything that I could possibly bring up about my skin problems; which are not few. She is to the point and does her best to help each of her patients with each problem. My mother went to her several times, as an elderly person, and Dr. Owens handled her case as professionally as mine and also did about 3 laser treatments (over time) on my mother, with very excellent results! I highly recommend her as tops in her field!"
    Sherry H.
  • "Both my husband and I went to see Dr. Owens for different reasons and were very impressed by her bedside manner. When she comes in to see you, she has been well-briefed by her staff on your conditions."
    Maria B.